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It’s SuperLove streaming week! SuperLove streaming week is to try and chart in my opinion, one of Charli’s best singles. Make sure you spread the link to buy and stream SuperLove and replay it!






Anonymous asked: hey im kinda new to the charli fandom i guess. ahah is there anything i should know? like anything that is important and a must-know. sorry if this is stupid!

Sorry but I really don’t know! I’m not exactly apart of the fan base, when I stanned her (YTO EP-SuperLove) she didn’t have one. 

Title: How Can I (Demo)
Artist: Charli XCX
Played: 557 times

How Can I (demo) - Charli XCX


Link to buy ‘Boom Clap’ by Charli XCX.

Title: Dreams Money Can Buy
Artist: Charli XCX
Played: 2777 times

Dreams Money Can Buy — Charli XCX

For the anon that asked :)

Allergic to Love (Live) - Charli XCX

Anonymous asked: god I'm scared of this whole new ''punk thing'' Charli is doing idk True Romance was so freaking amazing that I'm afraid this change of style

She’ll probably still do some TR stuff… But if not you’ll always have True Romance and its demos to listen to :)

Breaking Up - Charli XCX